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How To Correctly Predict Anyone’s Birthday?

Think it’s a joke.. No it’s not.. You can correctly predict anyone’s birthday with this simple vedic math trick.

Do not believe it. Go through the steps and see if you got your birthday correct.

Let’s start.. You will need a calculator for this.

1.  Taking number 1 for January to 12 for December, choose the number of the month in which you were born.

2. Double that number and add 5 to it.

3. Now multiply the answer in step 2 with 5.

4. Add zero at the end of the answer in step 3.

5. Now add your date of birth.

6. Subtract 50 from the last two digits. And 2 from the first two digits.

7. The answer you get is your date of birth.

Last 2 digits tell the date and first 2 digits will tell you the month.

Example to make it easy to understand-

If your date of birth is 19th August.

Step 1- Month=8

Step 2- Double it= 16 

             Now Add 5= 16+5= 21

Step 3- Multiply by 5= 105

Step 4- Add zero at end= 1050

Step 5- Add date of birth ie 19= 1050+19= 1069

Step 6- Subtract 50 from last 2 digits=69-50= 19

             Subtract 2 from first 2 digits=10-2=8

Final answer- 19 is date of birth and 8 implies month ie August

Hence your birthday is on 19th August.

Cool isn’t it.. Yes it works.


What do you think?

Written by Manni