Choices – part 5

Years ago….

Bryan had breezed into the building. She was coming out of the elevator. He was attacking the receptionist in clever words. Marla had approached, as it seemed it was her boss he wanted to see.

As she neared, he gave her a look.

Their eyes locked. For a moment she wasn’t sure why she was approaching him. Then he said;

“Are you security, come to toss me out?”

Snapping to here and now, Marla replied;

“No, I’m here to tell you that if you want to see Mr. Zimmerman, you can attend his funeral on Sunday.”

“What? You are serious?”

“No,  I always joke about funerals, death, you know, the usual comedies.”

“Seriously, Stan Zim is dead?”

“Well, that’s what I heard, we can go to the Funeral Home to be sure…it is’Pine Grove’ I believe.”

“Oh…” the man said, looking down, crumpling a bit.  She gave him a few seconds, then he said; “I’m sorry, I thought you were just…”  and he stopped speaking.

Marla stood there, watching him. Then he turned to her;  “Would you know who is dealing with the Alternate Energy Proposal?”

“Hmmm…that would be Miss Marla Clover.”

“Is she in?”

“I suppose so; as she is standing in front of you.”


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Written by jaylar

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