Choices – part 4

There are ‘chapters’ in one’s life, that can be removed without note.  Chapters which can be plucked out and the story continues.  These are the  chapters one doesn’t share.   Never speaks of them, doesn’t think of them. One goes on as if ‘that part didn’t happen’, and their  ‘narrative’ continues without lacuna.

Those are the chapter of Marla’s life  in which Bryan ‘starred’.

Those are the secret chapters which do not effect the current ‘narrative’.

It wasn’t until Marla saw that scene in that movie she was forced to remember those chapters.

Now, alone in her office, able to turn her chair to peer out of the window she could have that retrospective just as the actress had in the movie.

Now she could remember Bryan and the life they could have had, but didn’t.

Now she could cry, cry in the safety and solitude of a locked office.

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