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Capture Perfect Wedding Photography in Melbourne on Your Memorable Day

Your wedding is your once-in-a-lifetime gala event. There are so many things to think of and do such as your dress, invitations, guest lists, caterers, transport and the wedding venue. You must also hire a suitable wedding photographer Melbourne expert expert to capture fleeting moments forever. You expect him to do his job and deliver great images you will view over and over again. With so many things to think of and to do, photography is the last thing you will want to spend time on. After all, you have hired the photographer and he ought to know what to do.

Defining expectations 

With so little time at your disposal, you are likely to grab a package of your wedding photography Melbourne photographer offers. Discuss what the package includes. Better still, allocate a couple of hours to discuss with your photographer how he will capture the wedding and what you want by way of images and the events that you want to be recorded. This is also a nice way to get to know your photographer. Talk about what you expect. Some ladies go by what they have seen online and ask photographers to reproduce the same style. Understand that photography technique varies and that there are variables too such as location, time of the day, lighting and space that go into the creation of photographs so discuss all these with your photographer.

Site visit 

Choose a photographer who spares time to visit you and also the Church, reception and wedding venue as well as your home or the beauty parlor where you will have your hair done. This gives him an idea of what to do. Introduce him to all your family members if they are present or show him photos so he can recognize them and not miss out on capturing them during the event.


Now that you have got all the groundwork done the next step is to sit down again with your photographer and come to an understanding of the actual photographic process. A photographer has full freedom in a studio setting to set up lights and pose his models. He cannot do it during wedding ceremonies or reception or dinner. He may not be able to give you directions all the time. It is up to you to covertly observe the photographer’s location and turn your head or eyes or smile in a way that will help to create great images. Develop basic sign language for communication. It is also a good idea to assign someone in your family to collaborate with the wedding photography Melbourne photographer to point out friends and family who must be captured. Also, spare time for posed photographs.

Keep these in mind and your wedding photography Melbourne photographer will be able to capture images you will treasure for life. Retain Tree Studio and you will be more than pleased with the outcome.


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