Best Gifts to Give Your Couple Friends Who Are into Fitness

Gifting a friend is fairly easy. If you’re friends with the person, you’d somehow know what they like. You can easily go online and click on the items your friend would die to have, and voila! You’re already the best friend of the year.

However, gifting a couple is a little different. This can be a little tricky, especially if you’d want to gift them something that comes in pairs. And not everything comes in pairs, so you might run out of ideas. So the first thing you have to do is find their common interest. In case they’re into fitness, we got you.

You don’t have to stress yourself out on finding the right gifts for your favorite couple. Here are the best gift ideas you can give lovers who are gym rats.

Athletic wear

Your friend might like it if they could go to the gym with their partner and have coordinating outfits. But before you even start shopping, make sure you know what each of them typically wears when working out. Maybe tops in matching colors would be great. Consider a DRI-fit shirt for the guy and a halter top for the girlfriend.

You can also give them bottoms that you know they like to wear at the gym. There are also fitness gloves you can buy. Make sure that it fits them. Matching socks can be a good idea too. There’s a lot of athletic clothing you can buy for your favorite couple. Just make sure that it’s comfortable to wear during workout sessions.


If you don’t know, a large part of a person’s fitness journey is backed by nutrition. The nutrients from the food that they eat give them the power to work out. Their diet can affect their athletic performance and weight goals. Speaking of nutrients, some fitness buffs cannot get all these from food.

That’s the reason why they take supplements too. If ever you’re gifting a couple some supplements, make sure that it’s the brand they usually take. The couple will usually have preferences of their own. Say for mass gainers and whey proteins.

Some have tried lots of brands before finding out which one best works for them. So, if you’re planning to give food supplements to a couple, find a way to know which brands they usually buy first. The best supplements to give a couple are whey protein, mass gainers, and creatine powder. You have the internet on your side to know what these are. This is the kind of gift fitness buffs would greatly appreciate.


Researching on supplements may confuse you. You don’t want your gift to go to waste. If you’re struggling with the technicalities of fitness supplements, give them something else. You can shop for a lot of fitness accessories your favorite couple will surely want.

You can give them pocket armbands where they could put their phones while working out. Some couple silicone bracelets are stylish. They can be worn while working out because they don’t easily slip despite exposure to sweat. There are also watch straps that are sweat-resistant. They’re perfect for an intense cardio session. They’ll look cute on the couple too.


You know that good shoes are essential when it comes to working out. This makes it one of the best buys if you’re gifting someone who is into fitness. But if you’re gifting a couple, give them pairs of shoes that’ll look good if they decide to wear them at the gym at the same time.

Sneakers with the same color combinations look great. They’re very coordinated if worn by a couple. But don’t just rely on the design. Make sure that they’ll fit the receivers’ feet perfectly. Remember that the best workout shoes are the ones that fit comfortably. It’s important so the couple can do their routines hassle-free.

Gift checks and vouchers

A couple who loves to work out watches what they eat very carefully. This is the reason why most of them love to cook their own food. But sometimes, this also prevents partners from going out on dates outside. It’s hard to look for restaurants that offer real healthy options on their menus. Research says that 82% of diners are not satisfied with the healthy options restaurants offer. Your friends may be struggling to find restaurants where they could eat healthily.

So that’s a job you can do for your favorite couple. Look for restaurants that offer real healthy options. Find out if there are vegan spots your friends might be interested in. Locate restaurants that specialize in the keto diet. Check every menu online. You can then get vouchers and gift checks from these restaurants. Give them as gifts to the couple. They’d be happy to know that you’ve put on work to find these spots where they could have dates.

Gifting a couple who loves to work out can be a little challenging. But there’s nothing more rewarding than to receive well-thought-out gifts. Be the best friend of the year for your favorite fitness buffs.

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