As Others See You – 6

Lek considered my country his ‘dream land’.  He had imagined becoming a citizen, getting a fantastic job.  That did not seem likely  to happen now.

At first there were weekly phone calls when he told me about the divorce, and how he quit.    A few emails followed.

Then, claiming he was busy, I could contact him on his Facebook page.

Lek was very active on Facebook.

He didn’t post events or connections to interesting articles, he posted images and videos of him dancing.

With all respect, if I were him, I wouldn’t.

He wasn’t graceful,  his moves were stiff.  Further, the woman he was dancing with looked as if she had a cash register on her bed.

Now how do I tell him that these pictures should not be posted?

How could I tell him that any potential employer seeing these images would not hire him? And if hiring him, then viewing the images, would discharge him?


What do you think?


Written by jaylar

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