And Comes the Fourth Generation – part 73

None of the Board Members, who ran Miriam House, thought that Selma would have the audacity to die there. To die, not in a hospital, but the Matron’s house.   To die, leaving a trailer of property to be sorted.

They knew who Joe Rashford Grindley was; they could look in a mirror to see the pompous, arrogant, nothing who thought he was everything.

Although their mouths could evidence shock that he would take ‘forever’ to sort his mother’s property, they knew they would have done the same thing.

To taste power, to be important, even as ridiculous as holding on to the keys for his mother’s last work place,  even as idiotic as leaving her property there, waiting for him to sort it, is something they would do.

They would do it because they were nobodies with the slight memory of once being somebody.


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Written by jaylar

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