And Comes the Fourth Generation – part 71

Fran Alman, who had been hired to work in the office and, for the past four months, had to do Selma’s job, did not have a key to the Matron’s house.She would arrive and have to wait for Odette who, although was supposed to work from 8:30 to 4:30 often arrived after ten, sometimes eleven, leaving Fran sitting in the parking lot.Fran contacted Joe Rashford Grindley for the key to the house.  He said he’d drop it off at some time convenient to him.He hung up with a look on his face as if he would vomit.  This nobody could call him for the key to what had been his mother’s last residence.   He would return it when it suited him, and find buyers for the junk (antiques) his mother had collected when he got around to it.Joe Rashford Grindley was fourth generation, as many of the middle aged members of the Board.  And not even the Queen of England dare demand from him!


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Written by jaylar