And Comes the Fourth Generation – part 61

On Sunday the ‘memorial’ took place.

There was a brief ceremony at the grave site where Selma’s ashes, in a small box, were placed about two feet down into her father’s grave.

A number of people felt that wasn’t right, most couldn’t care less.

After that ‘service’  the mourners were to assemble at Miriam House.

The ‘mourners’ meandered up to the Dorm, parking their cars as they chose, entering through the back door, interrupting tenants who were doing their laundry.

No one had told the rent paying tenants at the Dorm about the memorial or function in the front house.

Those who lived there, annoyed with Odette’s stealing, now had a new enemy; Selma’s people and their smug and superior attitude.

The washing machine was situated to the right of the back door, opposite Odette’s ‘lair’. The tenants often did their laundry on Sunday. Now, they were being shoved aside for this ‘function’.

The tenants spoke in loud voices.

To them this was any other Sunday. If something had been planned, they ought have been told.

To terminate the budding unrest, Erica, Joe’s wife, opened the front grill so guests could enter from there. She shut the back door to avoid the washing machine and the rent paying tenants.

It seemed clear to everyone that Joe thought he owned the house, as if it came to him in his mother’s Will.


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