And Comes the Fourth Generation – part 45

There   were tenants, such as the one in Room 11, who would have spoken out…if.

The  woman in Room 11 was one of those who had complained about Odette’s  stealing.  Had mentioned her lack of work.

And just as others who had complained, she was excoriated and her complaints were dismissed.

This   is because Odette, and in this case,  Hepzibah,  had already lodged  complaints about her.   Complaints the Board  never asked her about, simply accepted.  Those ‘in charge’ never  needed to hear her ‘side’ because if Odette said she flew a  broomstick over the dorm and dropped a rock, they’d believe Odette.

So  having already been insulted and  her concerns dismissed, the woman  in Room 11 witnessed the theft of the gas tanks as if  watching a  comedy program.

If  anyone even asked her, she’d say she hadn’t heard a thing.


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Written by jaylar

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