And Comes the Fourth Generation – part 41

The tenants of Miriam House, as any dissatisfied customers, plotted their revenge.  They had entered, believing they were moving into a dormitory,  expecting their rooms to be cleaned and that any problem would be reported to the live in Matron, and corrected.

They were not in a dormitory. They were in a rip off set of flats where they had to share a bathroom among four or six other girls.   The ‘cleaning’ was rudimentary, badly done, and the cleaner would steal whatever caught her eye.

For those who had lived under the inactive Miss Brown, they now had the half dead Selma.   Their feelings of being ripped off and tricked were enormous.

Those in Room 10 decided to steal the two large gas cylinders at the bank of the premises and sell them.

They had a friend drive in, park in front of the Spanish teacher’s bungalow, which was empty. They carried the 100 lb tanks from the wall outside of the back kitchen, behind the dorm, behind the teacher’s bungalow, up, and into the trunk of the car.

It was dark in that corner, no one saw them.

The car drove out with the tanks, and the girls of Room 10  were gone.

Just before they got into the car, they handed the keys to their room to another tenant, Hepzibah.   This was a particularly ugly and resentful woman who lived unnoticed who had virtually mapped their plan for them, getting the room as her payment.


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Written by jaylar

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