And Comes the Fourth Generation – part 38

During the months of May and June, Selma Rashford Grindley  deteriorated.  Don had long returned to his city, Joe stopped by Miriam House no more than twice a week.

The nurses took turns to make sure one of them was present at all times, moving into the House, getting free room and board, free cable, free internet.

The cleaner, Odette,  did nothing, pretending she was a nurse, and left the tenants on their own.

This wasn’t as noticeable. Odette did very little work on her best days.   When she ‘cleaned’ a kitchen or a bathroom, when she swept a hall way, (the extent of her work),  it was done quick and badly.

However, the plus side was that with Odettet spending her time in the Matron’s house, she was not stealing from the tenants.  This is because Selma had a lot to steal.

The few members of the Board who took an interest in Miriam House, were annoyed with the reality that they had  hired Selma as Matron.   Hired and paid her as Matron from December.   Not only had she taken to her bed in January, unknown to them,  not only had they been paying her until April, for nothing.  But now she was using the property as her Death Bed!

Miriam House wasn’t her home.   Miriam House was where she worked, and she should be removed once incapable of performing her job.    She should, by all rights, be dumped at her son’s home, and the Board freed of paying the light, water, cable that were enjoyed by the nurses.Another bone to pick was that Fran Alman, who had been hired to work in the Office was now doing two jobs so her salary would need to be topped up.

From every angle, Selma Rashford Grindley was nothing but an ongoing debit.

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