And Comes the Fourth Generation – part 34

Doctor Mary Parnel, member of the Board of the Church,  received a call from Elvis to attend Selma at Miriam House.

She told Elvis she’d be there in an hour.

Elvis hung up, saw the obstreperous Odette, asked if she could make him a cup of coffee.  She dragged up from the sofa.  He asked her if she didn’t have cleaning to do.

She told him that when Selma became sick she had to take care of her as there was no one else.  That the nurses were just hired.

Elvis nodded.

If he had the sense of a turnip he’d note from her voice, movements, attitude that she was no one to be trusted.

A normal intellect would ponder; , if Selma fell ill in January why wasn’t a call made in January?

But Elvis March had no more sense than any of the Fourth Generation.  He spent money he hadn’t earned, earning less than he spent.

Better than most, his business was solvent.  If he would have a somewhat reduced life style, and develop the necessary acumen to manage a business he might be able to leave his children a legacy.  It was likely that when he died, if he didn’t have Insurance, his children would have to finance his funeral.


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Written by jaylar

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