And Comes the Fourth Generation – part 33

Elvis March,  the great grandson of  Horatio March, a millionaire, was the Chairman of the Board.   The Vice Chair was Paul Mollusk who was a nephew of the once wealthy Mollusk family.

Where Elvis was attractive and financially comfortable, Mollusk was fat and ugly and scratching for coin.

Paul had been the Chairman.   He instituted a shady deal which had the Board paying for painting of the House and dorms, done in such a shoddy way, he was removed from office.

Elvis,appointed Chair, had begged for him. How Would It Look if the information became public?  If anyone mentioned that Mollusk was kicked out because of the kickback he received on the ‘work’.

To protect their ‘reputation’ and ‘image’ they dropped Mollusk to Vice Chair, with the explanation he was busy running a company.   Mollusk couldn’t manage a lemonade stand, and his position in the company his family had created a facade.

Elvis now decided to check on Selma,  for himself.  He visited the House, she was lying in bed.   She was awake, and functioning, but became incoherent at points.

He knew she was terminal.

One  of the Board members was a doctor.  Elvis asked her to come immediately and examine Selma.

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