And Comes the Fourth Generation – part 31

One need not ponder how it was the Great Grandfathers could have made millions, owned everything, passed it to his children, who passed it to theirs, who left what was left of it, to this Fourth Generation.

This Fourth Generation which was scratching for pennies.

There had been no market crash, no war, no reason, save the incompetence of the Third and now Fourth generation.

The events at Miriam House were the exposure of the kind of disinterested ignorance of how they lost their millions.

With only Miriam House to be monitored, how was it the Board could appoint someone in December and from January to April be totally unaware of what was occuring?

Selma Rashford Grindley had taken to her bed in January.  She was incapable of managing her own bowel movements much less a block of tenants.

Yet, the Board, who paid her salary and all utilities, had no idea until they were phoned by her son in April.

They had no idea her brother had an all expense paid week at Miriam House,and while they pondered that, Selma was returned.

Selma, bedridden, was now back in the House.

And what were they to do?


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Written by jaylar

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