And Comes the Fourth Generation – part 28

Joe Rashford Grindley left the hospital and went to the airport to pick up his Uncle Don.  Don was as tall and fat as he was.  He babbled about the flight, money, places,  and asked  Joe to stop at the hospital first,  to see his sister, then he’d go to his Hotel.

Uncle Don did not have much money, but the rate of exchange enabled $10 to be $1000 so he could book a room at a Guest House.

Joe told him about the big flat Selma had at the Dorm.   Getting free room was not a bad thing, so Uncle Don requested they take a look before going to the hospital. Don liked what he saw.

He didn’t like the cleaner, Odette, who was lounging on the couch.  H esent her out,  put down his bags, took a shower, and when he emerged he and Joe went out for a meal.

Joe explained how much money the hospital wanted for Selma’s treatment.Don asked about Erica, John’s wife, she was a nurse, wasn’t she?  Couldn’t she find people to look after Selma at the home?

That would remove the cost of a hospital bed.  They must be able to get 3rd rate practical nurses for far less then a room, even on the ward, would cost.

Joe mentioned that the cleaner, Odette, had looked after his mother from January until yesterday.

Don nodded, but told him to ask Erica, because leaving someone like Odette to look after Selma would make them seem liable for her death.

Joe nodded, they continued to eat and talk  and decided to  visit Selma tomorrow.


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