And Comes the Fourth Generation – part 21

Joe Rashford Grindley didn’t arrive back at Miriam House until nearly ten the following day.  The cleaner,  who had actually come at her stipulated arrival time of 8:30 am  was  waiting for  him as was one of the Board members, Van Barnes.

Odette usually sauntered into Miriam House at 10:00 or even 11:00.   Her ‘Boss’, whether it was Miss Brown or Selma couldn’t really demand.  Miss Brown, because Odette knew some of her money pocketing tricks, and Selma, because she was pretty far gone.

Thinking Joe would be on time, she had, for the first in a decade, arrived at 8:30.   As Odette didn’t want Joe to know she had her own set of keys,  she stayed outside. Odette didn’t want Joe to know she had access because Selma had a lot of things she intended to steal.

Van Barnes had arrived about five minutes ago, for being important,  he would always be late.

Joe parked the car, didn’t apologise for  being nearly an hour late.  He went around to the front,opened the grill, then the doors to the house.

When they entered, Odette plunked on the sofa as if she was a guest.  Joe glared at her, but she acted as if she didn’t see.  He wondered if Van Barnes noticed the behaviour of the so-called cleaner of Miriam House.

Although Joe was not particularly observant or perceptive, he was a descendent of The Edward Rashford.   People like this Odette didn’t share a room with him.

“You don’t have work?”  he barked.

Odette got up and went to tidy the bedroom Selma had been in.

Lowering his voice, Joe spoke to Barnes, telling him nothing he didn’t know, then they went to the hospital together, leaving Odette.

Odette was a thief.  In the guise of cleaning she was searching for valuables.  She didn’t know if Selma would be back, so took a number of things to  ‘store’.


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Written by jaylar

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