And Comes the Fourth Generation – part 20

Joe Rashford Grindley hung around the hospital where his mother had been admitted for another five minutes.

Then, he drove back to Miriam House.  He beeped the horn, and finally ugly Odette opened the gate.  He came in, was about to send her rhome, when she  asked him if he had called the Board.

He didn’t understand.

Odette explained that a Board of Directors monitored the premises. This Board was made up of congregants at Selma’s church.

Joe had met some of them over the years, vaguely recalled.   He told her to call them.

He went into the bathroom, washed his face, then to the fridge to see if there was anything he could eat or drink.  He found left over pizza so popped two slices in the microwave.

After he’d eaten he asked Odette if she’d gotten through.  She told him she had called this one and that one.

Joe was feeling creepy, maybe it was the house, maybe Odette.   He didn’t want to stick around. He told her to leave,  demanded the keys.

She gave him his mother’s set of keys, keeping her own in her pocket.

Joe locked up the place, telling Odette he’d be back tomorrow at nine a.m.  He got into his car and drove home. That evening he gave his wife his version of reality.


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Written by jaylar

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