And Comes The Fourth Generation – part 17

Joe Rashford Gridley married Grace De Palma Nettle, because she had money.  She married him because she thought he did.

Rex Nettle, Grace’s nobody father,  had married her mother for the same reason Grindley married Selma;  the name, the connections, the invitations.

Like Grindley, Nettle had money, unlike Grindley, a lot of money.   He could afford to buy a nice house as a wedding gift for the ‘happy couple.’

Grace and Joe stumbled along for a few years, then she drove out one night to get away from him and got into a fatal car accident, as had Joe’s father.

Joe, as his mother, got a free house and some money.

He screwed around for years but unlike his mother, found someone to marry him.


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Written by jaylar

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