And Comes the Fourth Generation – part 16

Fortunately for Selma Rashford Grindley, her husband died before the divorce petition was filed. She was able to get the house and  small monthly allotments from the Insurance policy for the maintenance of Joe.

It was that which paid the bills.

Without those monthly stipends, the lights might have not stayed on.

Selma,  despite being unattractive, overweight and overbearing, assumed  the world was full of men who wanted her.  She had a number of affairs,but no one offered marriage.

With her poor financial status, Selma could not afford to send Joe to the better schools, so he went to an average one.

He didn’t do  well, she couldn’t afford tutors, and he wound up working in a the shop she ‘managed’ at the time.

Joe had better luck.

He had met Grace De Palma Nettle at an up scale function. She was his ticket away from Selma.


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Written by jaylar

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