And Comes the Fourth Generation – part 15

Selma Rashford had been born at a time when her parents seemed to have money.  She had been sent to the best schools, and they financed her travels.

She enjoyed the finer things of life, using her last name as a passport.

She married Grindley, who had money.   Selma gave birth to Joseph Rashford Grindley, and felt ‘fulfilled’.

She also gained a lot of weight she didn’t lose, or try to.  She became almost repulsive to her husband.

This was not a problem.

Vic Grindley had married Selma to get a hook to royalty.  He wanted to be part of the millionaire’s church, be invited to join the lodge and all the clubs that required ‘pedigree’.   He need to say; “My wife is a Rashford”,  and doors would open.

He had always kept a lot of  girlfriends.  The most beloved thing about Selma was that she was so self centered she didn’t notice.

She could arrange a trip abroad, he could, sadly, have to decline  due to work.

“I’d  love to come, but I’ve a lot of business to take care of…” he’d say.

She would leave because she wanted to go.  And Selma always got what Selma wanted.

This is why Selma didn’t realise Vic had been and was unfaithful since the return from the honeymoon.

When she inadvertently became aware of what was going on, she made a scene.  He, having gotten all he wanted from the marriage;  was on the Board of the Church, member of various lodges,    packed and left.


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