And Comes The Fourth Generation – part 11

Cordelia Brown had been the Matron, just before Selma Rashford Grindley.

Cordelia  had learned the hard way that she had no power.   This had humiliated her.  If she had a place to go, half as nice as the mansion, she would have left.

Instead,she had decided to do nothing at all whatsoever save collect her salary and enjoy the free light, water, gas, and cable.

Realising the Board was made up of stupid and disinterested ‘has beens’, she thought to profit.

Over the summer, Cordelia would rent out a room or two, not tell the Directors, and put the rent in her pocket.

Then  Cordelia met the teachers who wanted to rent the 2nd Mansion and run a school.

Cordelia never told the Board that a school ran on the premises. As they were too lazy to monitor, they never knew.

Odette,  hired as the cleaner, first worked as she was hired to do, then began slacking, and stealing.

This inability to ‘manage’  something as simple as a dorm was the explanation how these Board Members, descendants of those who had once been the richest people in society,  were counting pennies.


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Written by jaylar

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