And Comes the Fourth Generation – part 10

Cordelia  Brown had been hired to clean Miriam House, working at the direction of Bertha McGill.  When McGill quit, Cordelia, who had a sexual interlude with one of the directors, was promoted to matron, moved into the Mansion, and a new cleaner was hired.

This  was Odette Bent.

At first Cordelia Brown tried to manage the Home, to prove she was capable.

Then, she had a confrontation with one of the students and went to evict her.

Unfortunately for Cordelia, the student’s mother was a friend of a Board Member.

The Board decided that the power to evict rested with the Board.

Suitably demotivated, Cordelia sat down and decided to enjoy her free house,free light, free water, free cable T.V.

As the Board didn’t trust her, all rent had to be paid into an account at the bank, and the receipts handed to Cordelia.

Overtime, appreciating the disinterest and neglect of the Board members,  Cordelia  decided to make some side money.

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