And Comes the Fourth Generation – 92

Edward Rashford, as those of the First Generation, worked for his money.  Worked day and night and became rich.   Rich and richer, as the second generation came to join them.

The First Generation died, millions were passed on to the Second.

The Second, was divided.

There were those who had been born poor and as they grew, moved up in society, which inspired them to keep working.

There were those who had been born after their parents moved into the upper middle class, who had a sense of themselves as ‘superior’.

Those in this group were the pattern for the Third Generation, which felt a sense of entitlement.

They knew nothing about business or work or life, save showing off and spending money.

Some had bankrupted the companies created by their Grandfathers.  They were  unable to deal with competition or change policies with the times.

Others  were able to pass wealth to the Third.  Those who could not, gave the Third little but their name.

The Third Generation was like Avery Hendricks and Selma Rashford Grindley. They would parade as if important, spend money they didn’t earn, and die paupers.

This meant the Fourth Generation were nobodies with big egos.


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