And Comes the Fourth Generation – 86

Hiriam Pinnock had been hired to ‘look after’ the Church premises by Avery Hendricks, the world’s greatest Bad judge of character.

Pinnock got the free house with the free water and electricity.

He brought his daughter, Hettie, with him.   He said she was just a child.  She wasn’t.

Hettie, at the age of fourteen, had more traffic than the road on which the Church stood.  She began to search for a ‘benefactor’.

She found one.

Patrick Milgrove was old.   He would leave his home extra early,  drive in, park, and sit in his car before service. As he was the only one in the parking lot, he was free lunch for Hettie.

She’d come out of the free house, and rub up against his car, talk to him in a provocative style, and beg money.

Milgrove would give her money.


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Written by jaylar

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