Avery Hendricks was the grandson of a millionaire.   His father had no head for business, so what Avery inherited was more mouth and name then bank balance.

Avery, as his breed paraded around as if he were royalty.

A few of the Church members called him Pharaoh, behind his back.

He had no ability to read people and was easily tricked.   He would pompously deny it, holding his head so one got a view of the bugers in his nose.

Hendricks  felt he could do anything, he knew everything, and everyone must defer to him.

Hiring Dane Evans was the final straw.

Hiring a ‘pastor’ who didn’t know much scripture and began an affair with a school girl, was Hendrick’s last act.

The embarrassing joke was that knowing everything, Avery Hendricks signed a contract with Evans, which had no exit clause.   Meaning, they had to pay off Evans if they fired him.

The fact Hendricks didn’t consult a lawyer before signing,  set fire to the anger and hatred that had burned against him for decades.


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Written by jaylar

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