And Comes the Fourth Generation – 36

Doctor Mary Parnel,  requested to attend Miriam House to Examine Selma found a woman slowly dying.  A woman that should be in a hospital or hospice, not here in this Dormitory.

There were treatments which could extend Selma’s life, and various examinations which might be of benefit, but no one was going to pay for it.

Not Selma’s family, not the Board of the Church.

Questioned by Elvis March, the current Chairman of the Board,   all Dr. Parnel could say was that it seemed to her,  looking at the reports and scans on file, and at Selma’s current condition, it was possible Selma could survive another two months.

Although Dr. Mary didn’t like Selma as a person, it ran cold fingers down her spine that no one cared enough about  Selma to move her to a hospital, to pay from proper treatment.

Not her son, not her brother, and not the Board was willing to spend more than it costs to hire two low level practical nurses, and buy some medication.

It was as if they wanted her to die.

In a way, it confirmed her dislike, the dislike of most people for Selma.  .

Dr.Mary left Miriam House and went home, and into a hot bath, trying to wash away her experience.


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Written by jaylar

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