And Comes the Fourth Generation – 116

As everyone knew or came to know, the Matron/Manager who ran Miriam House had no power.

Odette knew it, the various ‘workmen’ knew it, and the tenants learned it.

Ann South, the Matron, began to reassess her ‘job’.

Although she did have a sense of duty, and was almost obsessive about cleanliness, she began to think;  ‘Why bother?’

If she wanted the place clean, she would have to do Odette’s work, and the work of the non-existent ‘maintenance’ people.

She realised she was just to be there to take complaints and collected receipts.  Not the rent, for she wasn’t trusted with money, the receipts were from the bank.

She had thought that she would manager Miriam House, not that she would be  put up as a filter.

Ann South considered her life.

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