And Comes the Fourth Generation – 111

Odette learned to steal by working at Miriam House.

She realised Miss Brown, her  ‘Boss’ had no power.   Everything Miss Brown wanted or needed to be done had to be agreed to by a Board of distant and disinterested people.

Stealing from Miriam House, a few rolls of toilet paper, towels or sheets was no problem.  Stealing from the tenants required finesse, because the tenants could call the police without having to obtain ‘permission’.

Odette used her ‘changing room’ as a kind of ‘Lost & Found’  where she would hide things she took from the tenants.

If they made a lot of noise and could expose her, Odette could find the item, or put it back where it could be it could be found.  So the blouse the tenant couldn’t find in the closet could be shoved into her drawer when she was out.

Perhaps,  if Miss Brown had the authority to say; “Take the Pot” none of this would have happened.  Perhaps, if Miss Brown  knew Odette took the pot, the stealing would have ended.  Perhaps, if the Board had responded quickly and agreed, Odette would not have become the thief she was.


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Written by jaylar

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