And Comes the Fourth Generation – 110

It actually took six months for Odette to realise that Miss Brown had little authority.   This happened when Odette asked Miss Brown if she could take a flower pot.   Miss Brown said she’d contact the Board.

At first Odette thought Miss Brown was just being mean.

Considering there were three empty flower pots Odette stole one.   Two weeks passed.  Odette came to work, went home, not a word about Flower Pots.  Then,   Miss Brown came to tell her;

“The Board says that you are not to remove anything from the Property,”

Odette said nothing.   She then commenced her life as a thief.  She took anything she thought she could get away with.    She stole from the property, the tenants.

It was the flower pot; stealing a pot, no one, not even Miss Brown aware of it.  Two weeks, and then, the Board made it’s decree.

Odette learned that Miss Brown was powerless and had to clear everything with the Board.  The Board had no idea what went on, made its meaningless decrees.

Don’t ask Miss Brown, take.  Take from Miriam House, take from the tenants.


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Written by jaylar

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