And Comes the Fourth Generation – 105

Ann South took the job as Matron for the free house, free water, free electricity, and what looked to be a comfortable niche.

She would rise in the morning and when ready, open the back door, to meet any of the tenants.

Odette was annoyed because  she couldn’t steal from the Matron’s House because Ann refused to allow her to clean it.

Ann had noticed the filth in corners and in the kitchen cabinets and appreciated Odette was worthless.  She had also been alerted that Odette was a thief so had changed the locks on her doors, and kept the keys in her pocket.

Even if Odette had made copies of the previous keys, they wouldn’t work.

But Odette wasn’t the only issue; the gals who rented the rooms were of the lowest quality of female Ann had ever seen in her life.

They were loud, ugly, uncouth and walked around half naked, some in towels,  some in underwear.    They did this in front of gardeners, visitors, making the ‘dorm’ seem more a whore house; save the girls were so ugly it didn’t seem likely.


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Written by jaylar

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