And Comes the Fourth Generation – 104

The New Matron, Ann South, began work on the 1st of October.  She wanted to prove her ability.

She wasn’t locked in as was Miss Brown, who due to her enormous size could just walk ten steps without huffing.

She wasn’t two steps from death as Selma.

Ann was vigorous, with friends, family, places to go.

She had a business, she was a real estate agent, so the house became her base.   It was cheaper than an office or working out of an apartment, because all electricity, water, gas, were paid for.

Cleaning was provided as well, but Ann South would not let the obviously dishonest Odette into her realm.

Odette, for her slimey part, told Elvis March that she didn’t clean the front house.

The fact that she had cleaned the front house twice, every single week of her employment was not known by Elvis March, the President was not a gamble for Odette.  There were many things he didn’t know.   Many things he didn’t know that he didn’t know.


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