8 Magical Places to Visit in Western Australia with Your Family

When the whole family travels, the most important thing is that the little ones are not bored which makes Western Australia a perfect destination. This Australian state is scarcely populated making it ideal to spend time exploring wildlife, nature, and history of the continent. From the modern city scenery to desert monoliths and friendly dolphins, these are 8 magical places to visit in Western Australia with your family.

  1. The Pinnacles

The Pinnacles looks like it is a plane on another planet and kids will very much enjoy such a unique landscape. The limestone monoliths “grow” from the desert and if you are lucky, you may encounter kangaroos and emus. To find out more about the park, visit the Pinnacles Desert Discovery Centre with a permanent exhibition of the area. Afterward, go to the Cervantes a small coastal town nearby and stop by Lake Thetis to see ancient living fossils known as thrombolites.

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  1. Jewel Cave

Jewel Cave is another incredible place of nature and the largest one in Western Australia. The stalactites and helictites turn it into an otherworldly space your kids will be very excited about. It is one of the several limestone caves in the Margaret River region you can also visit when in the area like Mammoth Cave and Lake Cave. Another important detail about these caves is that they are full of prehistoric fossils and Earth’s history which is something extensively covered on the guided tours.

  1. Ningaloo Reef Marine Park

Ningaloo Reef is a UNESCO World Heritage site and the whole Park is over 150 miles long. It is famous for diverse marine life like manta rays, whale sharks, turtles, dugongs and over 500 species of fish. One of the best beaches to snorkel and meet some of these amazing sea animals is Turquoise Bay. This is also a rare place in the world where you can swim with whale sharks. To take a break from all the excitement go to Exmouth, a popular fishing destination in Australia for a delicious lunch in one of the many eateries. If you are up for some nature exploring the Cape Range National Park is ideal to see gorgeous canyons, dunes, and cliffs.

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  1. Denmark

Denmark in Western Australia is a great little town that both parents and children will fully enjoy.  Bartholomews Meadery is one of the landmarks where you can try tasty honey products with special emphasis on the chocolate honey kids will love. Dinosaur World is something you shouldn’t miss since it has the only T-Rex remains in whole Australia in its skeleton collection. A walk through the Valley of the Giants will take you among the incredibly high forest of more than 100 feet tall trees.

  1. Kalbarri

Taking kids on a hike can be challenging, however, with the right scenery they may tire you out with all the fun they are having. Kalbarri is one of those places on the Murchison River with cliffs overlooking the ocean and beautiful beaches. Pelicans from the local colony are not afraid of people and you can come close to feed them. Spring is the time for dolphin and whale watching, while Rainbow Jungle is the largest free-flight parrot aviary. Pink Lake is a natural phenomenon in the area very popular for taking pictures since it really is bright pink.

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  1. Rottnest Island

The kids have probably already heard about the Rottnest Island thanks to its population of cute marsupials – the quokkas. These friendly-faced animals are enough to take aircraft charters from Perth and enjoy a wonderful view of Fremantle and Swan from above while flying to Rotto.  Parker Point Marine Snorkel Trail is fun since besides seeing fish life you can also read about it on plaques installed in the sea bed. Go to Wadjemup Lighthouse to take a look at the whole area and stop by the Rottnest Museum in an old mill for more interesting facts about the island.

  1. Monkey Mia

Dolphins are one of the friendliest animals in the world and that is why both adults and children find them adorable. Western Australia is full of them but the best place to see them and if you are likely playing with them is Monkey Mia. This is the place where bottlenose dolphins come to shore to interact with humans although the number of people who can swim with them is limited by the Department of Parks and Wildlife. When here, go on an Aboriginal cultural walk to find out more about indigenous people of Australia, but also visit a pearl farm and take children camel riding.

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  1. Esperance Bay

One of the most popular holiday destinations, Esperance Bay is a perfect place to spend some beach time with your family. Twilight Beach is considered one of the best in the whole of Australia and perfect for children since it has lower waves and a lifeguard. Adventureland Park and mini steam train make this area even more kid-friendly, while Esperance Bird & Animal Park Café will let you pat and feed the animals, as well as take pictures with them.


These are the top 8 magical places to visit in Western Australia with your family offering the best of this state. From the pink-colored lake to dinosaur fossils, this region of Australia is full of kid-friendly activities that will also be fun for the parents. So, pack your little ones and head on the great family adventure to meet wonderful animal life and landscapes of the Australian west coast.


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