7  Creative Writing Prompts That’ll Help You  Start Your Blog

As a freelance writer, I’m more than familiar with the importance of blogging. Sure, it’s an important part of marketing for my clients, but it’s also an important part of my own strategy.

My first ever freelance client came through my book blog, and the blog has also come in useful as a secondary source of income through sponsored posts and affiliate links. It also introduced me to the publisher that released my first novel and started me on the path towards a career as a full-time writer.

Starting a blog just makes sense, but it can also be intimidating, especially if you’re not sure what to write about. That’s why I’m sharing a few tips to help you to get started.

  1. Look at your FAQs

JoshBrownlee of Best Essays says, “When we’re helping clients to develop a blogging strategy, the first thing that we do is take a look at the company frequently asked questions. Then we write individual blog posts to answer each of those questions.”

  1. Write an essay

There’s a reason why services like Edu Birdie, Essay Mama and Ninja Essays are so popular. Search engines tend to prefer longer form content because it’s generally longer content that goes into more depth which provides the best possible experience for users.

  1. Check keywords

Keith Rosen of Essay Shark says, “We always carry out keyword research before getting started. In fact, the keywords that we identify often dictate the type of content that we eventually create.”

  1. Ask your followers

If you’re already active on social media sites, consider asking your followers what they’d want to see from you. You might be surprised at the response that you receive!

  1. Introduce yourself

JohnDoerr of Nerdy writers says that it’s a good idea to introduce yourself, whether you’relaunching a blog or writing an essay. “Introducing yourself allow readers to make more of a connection,” he says, “and when that happens, they’re more likely to pay attention to what you have to say.”

  1. Share some statistics

One tip from Janet LeFay of best essay service is to create a roundup of the latest statistics in your industry. This works if you’re blogging for business, but it would also work if you’re following in my footsteps and starting a book blog.

  1. Create a list of resources

One alternative to creating valuable resources of your own, such as in-depth guides and industry analysis, is to create lists that link to off-site to resources that other people have created. This saves a lot of time while simultaneously adding value to visitors, making it a solid strategy when you’re first getting started.


Blogging is a no-brainer, partly because it helps you to be discovered. In fact, websites with blogs have an average of 434% more indexed pages on search engines. The only question is what you’re going to blog about, but this article should help you with that. Good luck!


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Written by Joe McLean

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