6 Ways to Beat Laziness

Everyone is probably familiar with the situation when there are a lot of things to do, but you don’t want to do them. At such moments, everything distracts you: phone calls, the noise of cars outside the window, and even a fish swimming silently in the aquarium. And now you are procrastinating on the couch for the third hour, sincerely not understanding how to make yourself sit down to work. 

But the trick is, you can’t force yourself. What should you do in such a situation? Follow these tips.

Give Yourself a Choice

Your inner child doesn’t want to obey. He wants freedom, he wants to choose for himself, not for someone to order him. So give him that choice. If you, for example, need to write a diploma, then do not write in the to-do list “to finish chapter #1”. Let there be a choice – should this part be done or the other? What will you be in the mood for? Or maybe you won’t want to create anything, but you’ll have the energy to gather and structure information. If you give yourself a choice, the work will be done and the child is satisfied.

Rest More

The more you force yourself, the more energy is spent on the internal struggle. And for accomplishments, it has to come from somewhere. So check if you really have a clean, uncluttered time to relax and do silly things. If not, organize it. Allow yourself a few hours to watch Netflix, bet on, or play your favorite PC game. Otherwise, you’ll be procrastinating. If you don’t get plenty of rest, you won’t get plenty of work.

Play, not Force

Your child needs play and support, not deadlines and threats. Can’t bring yourself to clean the apartment? Make a clean-up quest out of it. Or invite a friend who will support and help you.

Don’t Set Over 3 Important Tasks for the Week

Procrastination can be a revolt, not against the “I have to,” but against the “but how much is enough! That is a typical reaction to overload. And it will not go anywhere, as long as you do not learn to really assess their strengths. Well, yes, maybe last year you could do 15 important things, but now is a different time. So let it be for now.

Let the Aggression out

The child is very angry. All the time he is forced and coerced, someone needs something from him but also scolds and reprimands him all the time. Anyone in this position gets angry: “Why should I do this? Leave me alone!”.

Don’t hold back your anger. Take a notebook and write all your angry thoughts there. Write until you run out of words. And you really feel better. And if you call someone close to you and be angry with him, it will be wonderful. The anger will recede, the strength will appear.

Don’t Let Yourself Get Away

It’s almost impossible to work at home. It is realistic only for people with cosmic self-discipline, which can not distract nor a fridge, or cleaning, or a cute kitty, so sweetly curled up on the blanket. Most people’s self-discipline skills are not at such a high level that they can just get it done without any distractions.

That’s okay, and there’s nothing to blame yourself for. If you are so organized that the house and the walls get in the way, then send yourself with a laptop and no phone to a cafe or on the street. There’s nothing to distract yourself with, just sitting around is boring. You have to work.

This technique is especially useful for people in creative professions when inspiration is needed. It only comes when there is freedom, safe space and no pressure from outside. So be sure to find that place of strength.


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Written by Virily Editor

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