6 Major Issues while Doing Tile Cleaning

Maintaining the cleanliness of tiles surfaces ensures safety whether in office or home. However, the challenges you may face during the cleaning task is the reason most people delay it. The surfaces with tiles can become a hub of germs and infections. Keeping the tiled surfaces clean is a daunting task. You can face plenty of challenges while doing the cleaning work, especially when the stains are deep and mould growth is noted in a few places. For tile and grout cleaning, as an expert can handle the work properly if the surface becomes too dirty.

Here are 6 major challenges you can face during tile and grout cleaning and overcome them for proper cleaning work.

  • Cloudy surface and deep stains

The appearance of a cloudy surface indicates the use of cleaning products that are not fit for it. Apart from this, it also shows the application of bad sealing products or when such products come in contact with non-porous tiles. To deal with such a problem, the intervention of an expert can make tile cleaning Dandenong appropriate. Ideally, the sealing material needs to be removed completely. If you are not aware of the technique of stripping the sealant, you can cause a lot of damage to the tiles and grout if you fail to choose the right cleaning agents. The structure of grout is usually porous and catch stains instantly. Many of these stains may not want to go permanently and make the cleaning task harder to manage. On the other hand, faulty cleaning task is also responsible for cleaning the grout. As the joints of the grout are situated below the tiles, dirt and dirt can enter the joints easily. You need to stay careful during mopping or scrubbing tiles.

  • Stain and grease

You might love your cup of coffee or tea, but spilling it on the tiled surface can spell disaster. With white tiles, you can face trouble while removing those stains from the surface. Using chemical such as trisodium phosphate with hot water can remove the stains and the final wash using laundry bleach with water leads to complete satisfaction.

  • Growth of mould

Growth of mould in bathroom and shower is an annoying impediment you face during tile and grout cleaning. Usually, the growth of mould can be noted in areas with high humidity and poor ventilation. Apart from this, the residue of body oil and soap also encourage mould growth. However, when it pervades the joints of grout, it can take longer to get rid of the problem. Applying chemicals to clean mould from grout joints can damage the grout itself.

  • Paint spills

Paint spilling on tiled surfaces is another issue you may face while cleaning the tiles. The normal cleaning agents may not be enough to remove water or oil-based paint. Paint thinner and warm water with dishwashing liquid can be used depending on the extent of the stain.

  • Cleaning hollow tiles

Incorrect installation of tiles can make them loose, and you may face plenty of trouble while cleaning hollow tiles. You have to repair the tiles at first and then do the cleaning work.

  • Oil on the floor 

Oil leaking on the tiled floor can make it slippery. To clean it properly, apply scouring powder and water on the affected area and leave it overnight to get the best result.

Experts can provide better solutions and resolve the challenges of tile cleaning.


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Written by Daniel Trounson

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