5 Simple Ways to Make Your Carpet Clean

Whether you are planning to clean the carpet entirely or a part of it, you can implement simple techniques to ensure that it stays clean. The good thing is that you do not need to rely on professional techniques to ensure that it stays clean. Implementing simple tricks and techniques can suffice when you want the best results from carpet cleaning.

The following points highlight the simple ways you should follow for carpet cleaning Doveton to become more effective.

1. Carpet brush and vinegar 

Using carpet brush is easy for the removal of dust and pollutants from the carpet. Apply a little bit of grease on your elbows and get on your knees to clean the carpet. All you need is to move the dust thoroughly from the caret before it becomes clean. If you are not comfortable using a carpet brush, you can move the vacuum back and forth on the carpet to allow it to absorb the dust present on the surface and below it. You can try to follow the cleaning process every week to avoid the dust and dirt from settling on the surface. For deep cleaning, you can also appoint carpet cleaning Bayswater for a better outcome.

2. Vinegar and water 

When it comes to hand cleaning the carpet, the best method you can apply is using a solution of vinegar to remove the dirt and stains. Add one volume of vinegar to three or four amounts of water and add a few drops of this solution on the stain directly. You can use a scrub brush to remove the stain gently from the surface and rinse the section with cold water. Let the carpet dry completely, and you can get a fresh and clean smell from the carpet.

3. Using soda

You are familiar with the application of club soda for carpet cleaning work and how it acts on stains that occur due to beer and wine. However, what is more, important is to implement the correct way of using soda. All you need is to apply a mixture of soda and water on the stain and dab it on the area for making the cleaning task more effective. After blotting the stained areas with soda, you can use vinegar and water and spray it on the stain. You can continue repeating the process until the stain disappears from the carpet. Finally, you should rinse the area with warm water and use a brush to keep the strands of the carpet vertical. You have to allow the area to dry properly to get the cleaning effect.

4. Cleaning the carpet on the stairs 

If you live in a house with several stories, you may have to clean the carpet in the stairs that tend to become unclean quickly. If you are planning to clean the carpet on the stairs with your hands, you have to buy a carpet cleaner. Prepare a mixture of vinegar and hot water and add a few drops of lavender oil and salt to the solution as well. Use a hard scrubbing brush and spray the solution on the entire carpet. Brush the carpet from top to the down and repeat the process from bottom to the top. After this, you can vacuum the entire carpet to remove the loose dirt and dust.

5. Not using shoes 

If you want to prevent the carpet from becoming dirty too quickly, you have to avoid using shoes on it. Ask your visitors to leave their shoes outside, and the carpet will stay a lot cleaner than before.

Cleaning the carpet without the assistance of professional carpet cleaners is daunting, but the effort will pay you the best result.


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