5 Plants that add Life and Energy to Your Co-Living Space

The pollution has increased so much nowadays that it has become mandatory to keep plants near to you, be it your office or at home. There are many benefits of having plants in your co-living space. To be very frank, it is our fault itself due to which there has been an increase in pollution and we are responsible for the degradation of environment. So, now we don’t have any other option other than keeping plants near us so that we can breathe in oxygen and discharge away the carbon dioxide.

Let us have a look at the 5 plants which can help us own a better environment and make our living space better and full of life:

  1. Snake PlantsHaving snake plants near you should be the first point in the list. They absorb all the carbon dioxide that may be present near you. They keep the harmful toxins in them and just gives out the fresh and breathable oxygen out. They are also known for releasing stress, increasing your productivity and for keeping you happy while they are around.
  2. Money PlantsIf you are looking for those plants which can survive with less sunlight then, these are the best ones. These plants help in keeping odors near you in control and releases just the fresh air. It also helps in reducing eye irritation after a long and tiring day. It is one of the most beautiful looking plants so they best suit your co-living space.
  3. Spider PlantsThese plants are being used in the hospitals especially for those patients who have gone through the surgery, recently. It has been noticed that these plants have a positive effect on those patients. In fact, it has been offering much favorable results to the patients in whose room they are kept in comparison to those who do not have it. So, they are known as survivors as they help in recovering.
  4. Peace LilyAs the name suggests, it is the beautiful lily plant that should be kept near you. The fact is that it helps in improving the quality of air by 60% in the room where they are being kept. They help in the same by reducing the level of mold spores present in our houses and offices. It would be a perfect thing for your room that would help you in adding to the beauty of the room.
  5. Lucky BambooIf you believe in Feng Shui, then it is one of the best plants for you as they are known for their positive energy, health, mental peace, prosperity and most importantly, bringing good luck for you. This plant can survive in water too so there would be no problem even if you keep them in aquariums or in water. Also, if you take proper care of them then they can grow up to 2 to 3 feet in height as well.

So, these are the best plants that can add life and energy to your co-living space without really using a lot of space and they would help in leaving breathable air for you.


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