4 Unique Product Image Strategies to Increase Sales

It is so obvious that high-quality images earn better sales and also essential for good user experience. But creating and ideating a visual content to motivate visitors to click and purchase is a different story.

In order to give a touch of ‘how good product images should look like’, we have compiled a few examples that may inspire many product photographers. These are the proven and practical strategies that will hopefully help you determine your business’s position as per the current situation.

Let’s check out those fundamental strategies that every eCommerce marketer or fashion photographer follow to create high-quality product imagery:

1. Offer Assorted Angles Of A Product For Better Understanding: 

When a buyer buys something offline, it is obvious that he/she can easily touch the fabric, check the size by wearing or imagine himself/herself in it easily. But if we talk about online shopping, it becomes a little bit difficult. Now, it all depends on the photography angles or how the photographers shoot its products and offer a sight of the same product from different angles. To avoid any kind of confusion, a good product photographer will always click from many angles to provide the buyer with a better imagination and view of the product. In fashion photography, this strategy is always used.

2. Great Idea When Showcasing A Product In Its Assorted Available Colours Or Designs: 

Don’t just tell them that the product you are showing is available in X, Y, Z colour; instead, give. Photo or two where they can see all of them together. And then, as per their click on the required colour or design, they can see the exact product. This allows buyers to see the product from every angle, from every colour option that is available.

3. Offer A Comfortable Way to zoom In: 

This feature is really a quintessential strategy in eCommerce platforms. The users will almost always hover the mouse pointer over a product image with an expectation to see a detailed view and not getting the same may frustrate the customer.

This is where you would need high-resolution product photos. Let your customer easily zoom in and out of a product without compromising the quality of the image.

4. Observe the Essentiality Of branding & Maintain Consistency:

Maintaining a branding proposition in the marketplace is very important so that your customer can immediately recognise as soon as they spot you in the crowd. Maintain a consistent design and style for each photo. Use the same lighting, modelling, background and image placement strategy throughout your eCommerce store.


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Written by Ananya Jain

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