4 College Survival Tips for Girls

We live in a time where productivity and output are valued so much that it takes a toll on most of us. This can be hard, especially for the youth. So we’re providing our readers some sound-minded advice on how to move forward in college while maintaining their well-being.

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Moving along, here are some invaluable life hacks and lessons to consider: 

  1. Stress Is Only Helpful In Small Doses 

Exams, part-time jobs, social life and friends, the future. We get it. It can all be a bit overwhelming to take into account every day and all the time. Stress is an integral part of progress and an annoying part of life. However, there’s no added benefit to putting yourself under stress all the time. 

Stress can be helpful in certain situations. It gets the adrenaline pumping, it gets us to act fast. To survive. However, we can’t live in that mode forever. It is detrimental to our mental and physical health. There are major studies about it, just do research. For example, the American Psychological Association has published a book that highlights evidence of the connection between stress and coronary heart disease.

Relinquish the need to have control over everything. Life and plans might provide structure and clarity, but it’s not beneficial to obsess over controlling everything. Stress, for the most part, comes from that need.

Girls, and people in general, are better off accepting their current state and life while moving forward towards their goals. This is especially true for youth in college. There’s so much to balance out. There’s no need to add an unhealthy amount of stress to what’s already there. Strive but try to strive in peace.

  1.  A Good Mindset 

Adapting a good mindset is going to help you in the long run, and this is not just in college. This is for life. But it’s important to build a good mindset now because old habits do die hard. Do what’s right for you, and if you don’t know what is right yet, it will come to you soon.

Positivity is often overhyped, but we don’t mean to tell our readers that they need to be positive all the time, because that’s not natural. We can’t always feel happy, sometimes there are days that are gray and blue. But when we can adopt a mindset that sees the good in the bad, we’ve already won. Pain and the negative parts of life have their lessons. We can either choose to learn from the bad or be defined by it. 

  1. Don’t Wait, Create

Waiting around for life to happen to you will leave most of our readers disappointed. Girls, the opportunities that you want are, for the most part, attainable by your own efforts. What this means is that there is never a perfect time or ‘right’ time in life to do what you want and to follow your authentic desires. There’s only now. It’s clear that:

  • Artists don’t need to go to a privileged art school to start on the projects that they want to start.
  • Businessmen/women don’t need authority to set out with their ideas and make something of it.
  • Knowledge fanatics don’t need to have a doctorate to start learning a topic that drives them insanely curious.

The point being is that most people tend to limit themselves and cave into a sort of perfectionism and idealism that only hinders their growth. It stops things from happening.

They wait for this or for that, to do this and to do that. 

For college girls who actually have the privilege of doing what they want, they should do it and trust that there’s no moment like now. Many people are hindered by money, personal problems, or even safety problems. They can’t even do what they want. Recognize the opportunity that you have if you fall into a group where self-actualization is possible. Do not squander it.

  1. Financial Literacy 

The new era has seen the likes of books such as ‘Rich Dad, Poor Dad’, and financial literacy is something that can be accessed through learning from the internet. It’s clear that working hard doesn’t necessarily mean that someone is going to be earning 5 to 6 figures a year. 

Our tip for college girls when it comes to money is to not believe outdated notions about money. Stack up on knowledge about money in our modern world now. There’s much to consider. Examples:

  • Cryptocurrency and NFTs 
  • Trading and investing wealth
  • Online work 
  • Multiple income streams 
  • How to leverage financial literacy

We don’t advise our readers to go and invest their money recklessly without doing research first. But the world of finance is completely being revolutionized because of the current state of affairs. It’s best to learn about it because it will inevitably affect most of our lives in the long run. Knowledge is power. Think long-term. 

Final Thoughts

College can be hard. Life can be hard. It doesn’t have to be miserable. We hope this article can serve as an enlightening guide to our readers, college girls, and boys alike. It may or may not apply to our readers, but we encourage everyone to accept advice that actually fits into their current circumstances. 


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