3 simple ways you can use the RO filtered waste water

RO water purifiers in India have emerged as a staple product in the past few years. It shows our awareness of the need for clean drinking water as well as our concern for our health. When it comes to fighting water-borne infections, RO water purifiers have proven to be real life-savers.

However, there is another concern that comes with RO water purifier system that we all should be aware of. This concern is the wastage of water at the end of the filtration process. An average RO water purifier wastes almost 3 liters of water in the process of purifying just 1 liter. This is too high a cost for the environment. But why do water purifiers waste so much water? To answer that, let us understand the working of RO water purifier system. Reverse osmosis water purification system uses a very thin membrane through which tap water is passed, under a high pressure. This membrane filters out the various dissolved impurities and microbes, leaving the impure waste water. Due to the high level of impurities and dissolved chemicals, this water is not fit for any other use and often thrown away. But could there be any other use for this water? Luckily, yes!

Here are 3 ways you can use the RO filtered waste water rather than discarding it:

  • Wash your car/bike:

An average car-wash consumes anywhere between 20 liters to 80 liters of water depending upon whether you are using a bucket or a hose pipe. This can be the best usage of wasted water from RO water purifier as it is not fit for any other use.

2. Watering your plants or terrace garden:

As gardening doesn’t need much water, you can always use the RO filtered water for watering purposes. However, it is suggested that you get your filtered water checked for TDS (Total Dissolved Solids) levels beforehand. If it is on the higher side, you can add some tap water to dilute it before using it.

3. Wash your utensils:

Another daily chore comes to the rescue. Since the filtered water contains a lot of salt-based impurities, it is the best to use this to wash your greasy utensils. But again, take care of the TDS levels as mentioned before.

Apart from these, there are some other ways as well to recycle this waste water, depending upon the TDS levels of water. For example, you can use this water for mopping the floor, toilet cleaning and flushing, etc. and do your part in reducing the water wastage. However, it also depends on your RO Purification System how much water it wastes in the process. Nasaka is one of the few water purifier companies in India that manufactures the water purifiers with a 7-stage filtration process and gives you the purest possible drinking water while ensuring minimum wastage of water.


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