3 Important Health Benefits of Boxing

Fitness has its fair share of trends. And some of these trends have never faded out of sight. They remain on the sidelines without making a real buzz

Boxing has always been a beloved sport. As a workout regimen, however, it has yet to find its way into the mainstream.

Fitness masters introduced a workout-friendly version of kickboxing in the 90s. From their efforts emerged Tae Bo, which went on to became a solid fitness craze at that time. Tae Bo combines elements of aerobics and kickboxing, which results in a fun, fluid and easy-to-follow workout sesh.

Though boxing never got the same level of attention as its relative, this is about to change thanks to MMA. The sport’s growing popularity around the world has re-introduced boxing and martial arts to a great number of aspiring fighters and fitness buffs.

Boxing has also found a staunch supporter in the form of MMA gyms, where trainers teach the sport in conjunction with martial arts and kickboxing. These gyms also give their members the option to focus on boxing through scheduled or upon-request private classes.

Why Boxing is Good for You

If you’re interested in boxing, it would do you a world of good to be a member of your local boxing gym. Beyond simply whipping yourself up into shape, boxing presents a number of health benefits.

Below is a list of ways this sport can benefit your health:

1. Increased Total Body Strength

Boxing offers an all-encompassing body workout that allows you to build your muscles naturally. Punching bags can weigh as much as a hundred pounds. Factor in regular punching and jumping, you’ll be able to increase your strength day by day.

Another advantage of this sport is that it requires you to engage with the punching bag. And this engagement process forces you to move your entire body – from the torso to the limbs to the core.

Do not worry if it’s your first foray into boxing. Most boxing gyms have preparatory workout sessions. They don’t just field inexperienced members into the boxing ring without sufficient preparation.

First, trainers make sure you’re strong enough to handle a punching bag. Your strength training may include push-ups, planks, medicine balls and otherspecialised equipment. This may go on for a week or two, depending on your instructor. Once he or she deems you ready, your boxing training will then begin.

2. Better Stress Management

All physical activities have a positive effect on our emotional well-being. Studies show that regular exercise raises endorphin levels, which subsequently increase positive moods. People who exercise well not only sleep better, but they can also better cope with stress.

Fitness enthusiasts claim that workout is a form of meditation. It allows you to sweat out suppressed emotions and channel out negative energy. Any frustration you might have, you can pour it out on the field (so to speak).

Moreover, boxing compels you to focus on the task before you, leaving no room for other thoughts. As you deal with the heavy bag, throwing kicks and punches and changing intensity, you essentially block out stress.

Many MMA gym goers attest that boxing is empowering. With every punch is a catharsis – an act of blasting every repressed thought or emotion.

3. Better Hand-Eye Coordination

Most of the things we do require hand-eye coordination such as driving, crossing the road or multitasking in the office. Hand-eye coordination may not be important for everyone but it plays an indispensable role in your overall health.

The more you pay attention to it, the more you develop your reflexes. This prevents you from getting into accidents and committing more errors than necessary. You’ll also be able to respond properly to unexpected situations.

Better hand-eye coordination is a foil to the ageing process. As people age, their reflexes slow down due to poor eyesight and declining muscle strength. But if you box regularly or engage in sports similar to boxing, you can maintain your balance and motor skills well until old age.

In addition to a heavy bag, boxing gyms also provide speed bags. These are lightweight boxing bags that bounce and turn every time you punch them. Regularly hitting speed bags or sparring with a partner from your gym can significantly improve your hand-eye coordination. And you’ll get better with each practice.

Box with Care

Just a fair warning: this sport can be risky when taken to the extreme. If you are serious about pursuing boxing as a regular fitness routine, have an expert assess your capacity.

While MMA Melbourne gyms can customise their classes to accommodate your specific needs, it helps if you know your limits. Do not bite off more than you can chew. Even professional boxers fall short once in a while despite years of training.

On the whole, provided precautionary measures have been followed, boxing is good for your overall well being and we encourage you to try it.


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Written by Ryan Brown

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