Which Dolphin pool cleaner is right for you?

…Or is a Dolphin pool cleaner even the ideal solution for your particular needs?

Dolphin do update their range quite often, however generally updates are fairly minor, so you can grab bargains by picking up older models, perhaps via eBay or other classifieds websites like our very own pool cleaner store right here at

The current range of Dolphin pool cleaners stretches to about ten models of pool cleaner, for below-ground pools, above ground pools, commercial and residential pool cleaning applications. So there is a model out there for everyone, from the robot-Kleen for above ground, smaller residential swimming pools to the Dolphin 2×2, which is almost two dolphin pool cleaners in one, designed for larger commercial pool cleaning functions.

But there are alternatives to the Dolphin pool cleaner range, aquabot is a large and increasingly popular brand, SmartPool are promoting their new Nitro robotic pool cleaner, which has bags of unique selling points, and SmartPool claims to be a truly revolutionary robotic pool cleaner, for in-ground pools.

It’s well worth taking your time when shopping around for your ideal pool cleaner, don’t always go for your first choice before researching this ever increasingly competitive market, there’s plenty of choice in pool cleaner, and Dolphin pool cleaner will have to keep pushing their own range forward to keep ahead of the market.

Dolphin pool cleaner for above ground pools

Generally speaking, robotic and automatic pool cleaner goodness offered by the likes of the Dolphin automatic pool cleaner is reserved for those fortunate enough to own above ground swimming pools.

Fortunately, though, that doesn’t always have to be the case. Those with above ground pools, such as your author here, can have a little of the good thing that is a robotic pool cleaner, although the Dolphin Robo-Kleen cleaner will not climb your pool walls, it is designed with above ground pools in mind.

The Robo-Kleen is a lighter and smaller cleaner than your regular Dolphin pool cleaner, but it also costs a great deal less than your regular Dolphin pool cleaner, as you might expect.

As with all robotic pool cleaners, the Robo-Kleen is operated in a set it and forget it manner. You plug it in, pop it in your pool, and it scoots around the base of your flat bottomed, dished or footprinted pool.

The Robo-Kleen will swallow up small particles, as well as larger objects such as leaves and other swimming pool debris, saving you time, and saving your pool filter work in the process.

It may not be as impressive as those fully automatic, robotic wall climbing pool cleaners those with below-ground pools can enjoy, but this particular Dolphin pool cleaner is well worth considering for those with above ground pools.

Aquabot, an alternative to the Dolphin pool cleaner

The Dolphin automatic pool cleaner, despite claiming to be the first and biggest of all automatic swimming pool cleaning companies, is far from the only product or company competing in this expanding market.

One major competitor is the Aquabot, Aquabot appear to be promoting a very similar type of robotic pool cleaner to those featured in the Dolphin range, they appear to be promoting hard and promoting wellness, they even have some videos on video-sharing site YouTube. You know you’ve arrived when you’ve got your product promotions on YouTube, right?

The responses on YouTube say a lot about how this sort of product is received, people just think they’re cool, that the future has arrived, and it’s making its way around your neighbors swimming pool!

The Aquabot, like the Dolphin pool cleaner, can make it’s way all-around your pool thanks to a smart little computer chip. The robotic pool cleaner uses this technology to work out how to tackle your particular pool, regardless of the shape and size, and sets about its business, sucking the dirt of your pool floor and sides as it goes. They can even handle the steps.

It’s almost hypnotic to watch one of these pool cleaners in action, as it goes across the floor, up and down the sides, up to and including the waterline. Aquabot also offers higher-end models which feature a remote control, so if you’re not delighted with the results the pool cleaner achieves on its own, you can take the reigns and drive your own robot around the swimming pool.

Or it could just be something to amuse yourself when your remote control boat runs out of charge, or maybe its a substitute for the remote control boat you could never really justify the cost of to your better half?!

Anyway, the point is that the Dolphin pool cleaner is not the only option on the market, and its always good to look at the competition, they may offer you something you prefer over the market leader.

Automatic pool cleaners

The Dolphin pool cleaner is just one brand of one type of automatic pool cleaner available on an ever increasingly competitive market for easier and more convenient ways to look after your swimming pool.

The dolphin automatic pool cleaner is a member of the robotic pool cleaner family. These are probably the ultimate cleaning aid, and big boys toy in one. Robotic pool cleaners are basically a computer and/or remote-controlled self-contained vacuum cleaners for your pool that can even happily handle any size and most shapes of pool. Cleaners like the Dolphin pool cleaner can operate independently of your pools pump and filter system, pretty much a complete solution for the busy pool owner.

An alternative swimming pool cleaner type is the suction side pool cleaner. These usually use suction from your pool skimmer to suck the filth from the floor of your pool, sending it round to be cleaned by your pool’s filter, pretty much as a vacuum cleaner sucks air in, filters it and blows it out again. These are obviously less flexible, but more affordable than robotic pool cleaner types such as the dolphin pool cleaner.

Finally, we have the pressure side pool cleaner, which uses either the pool’s water return or often a separate booster pump’s return pressure to force the debris and gunk into a bag attached to the cleaner. Smaller particles of dirt are basically stirred about and, with luck, dealt with by the pool filter.

The only downside to automatic and robotic pool cleaner systems is most appear unsuitable for above ground pools. More information on Dolphin pool cleaner and alternatives will be published shortly on soon.

Is Dolphin pool cleaner worth the cost?

The first question you might be asking yourself before whether or not to buy a Dolphin pool cleaner or other robotic or automatic pool cleaner is whether or not it’s really worth the extra cost over more traditional manual pool cleaning and maintenance tools.

We’ve taken a look around at the options available to people considering purchasing a Dolphin automatic pool cleaner using good old google search, and it seems it comes down to three things; Cost Convenience and Time.

What do you think?

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