When You Don’t Pay Attention To Your Roofs

Roofs are the major asset that a house possess to make you feel secure but the same roofs can fall over your head with the slightest damage if they are not maintained properly at the right time. My father made the same mistake by thinking that it was okay to ignore a damaging roof. Like most of the people, he was also of the view that roofs are made to last and nothing can damage the type of roof he had over his office. I still remember that day there was news revolving around the town about a severe storm coming our way. My mother warned my father about the fading condition of the roofs of his office and asked him to do something about it or close the office for that day. My father is a workaholic and enthusiast, denied the suggestions of my mother because he once checked for an estimate for a commercial roof in Arlington TX and the cost was too hefty for him.

I was watching the debate between my parents the whole time when suddenly I got an idea of searching for different roofing companies and compare their prices through the estimated costs. It was almost a year ago when my father did something like that and I knew that now we had a lot more options to look up for the work. My father was still not very impressed with the idea but he decided to close the office until the storm ended. This proved to be the best decision because when the storm came, it was severely dangerous. Even the lawn of our house was affected badly. The major problem occurred when we heard that the roof of my father’s office was completely destroyed due to the storm.

Listening to this news, my father was extremely worried because of the cost of restoration and a new roof. The main reason for his concern was that it always gets really hard to claim your insurance money for any damage. Although my father was on good terms with different insurance claim agents, no one came to the front row to help him. This was when my mother decided to do everything on her own. She called me and I helped her in finding some of the best roofing services in our area. We short-listed some companies and called them one by one. She finally hired a roofing company after she was done with all her investigation and information about their experience, reputation, rates, and reliability.

The roofers and the roofing contractor provided us with fast and efficient service and they also helped my father with his insurance. As soon as the insurance money was claimed, they installed the new roof over the office and also protected the roof with proper roof coatings for shingles. The protective coatings made the new roof more durable and it proved to be more robust and damage-resistant than the previous one.


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