Use a Colorbond Roof to Restore Your Melbourne Home – Why does it MakeGood Sense?

Painting metal roofs used to be the norm until Colorbond steel sheets became the staple choice for laying metal roofs for the last 50 years. The paint protects the metal surface from the elements of weather and helps to maintain the roof in good condition. The choice of metal is important because it has to withstand the climate of the place to ensure long roof life that provides the best ROI. Since the roof is the single most costly material for any construction, the ROI becomes very important.

Besides having a long life, easy maintenance and affordable cost are some other reasons for choosing metal roofing which has made Colorbond roofing services very popular. Why you should use a Colorbond roof to restore your Melbourne home will become clear on reading this article.

Ideal for Australian conditions

Australian weather conditions are pretty challenging as the roof material has to withstand extreme heat and cold along with dust, rain hail and wind.

Colorbond steel sheets are ideal for Australian conditions as it is manufactured in accordance to Australian standards AS 1397 and AS/NZS 2728. This ensures that the steel has required strength and is of the right grade. Although steel has corrosion resistant properties, to enhance it, manufacturers apply a metallic coating to the base that improves corrosion resistance. To improve the adhesion of the coating, a thin layer of pre-treatment material is applied and a corrosion resistant primer added to the surface. The topcoat consists of a special quality exterior paint that can resist chipping, flaking and blistering and ensure a long life of the coloured surface.

Fire protection 

People living in areas prone to bushfire would find Colorbond steel sheets perfect for their needs due to its fire resistant properties. Colorbond sheets can resist fire and protect properties and research has shown that since steel is incombustible, the scope of fire protection is much higher than other alternative material. Colorbond sheets successfully passed the fire test conducted by CISRO that used the 30-minute flame immersion test by simulating effects when an adjacent house is on fire.

Thermal efficiency

The colour of your roof has a direct impact on your energy bills because when you use a solar reflective colour, the rate of heat absorption by the metal reduces thereby reducing the use of cooling equipment to keep the interior cool. Colorbond sheets use a special solar reflectance technology Thermatech that increases the reflective capacity of sheets on sunny days to create cool interiors.  Not only does this reduce the dependence on air conditioners but also reduces the heat stress on your roof.

Easy and low-cost maintenance

It costs almost nothing to maintain Colorbond steel sheet roofs because simple washing with water will prolong its life and retain its looks. However, if you live in an area that receives moderate rainfall, this little maintenance too will not be necessary as the roof washing will happen naturally.

Washing roofs every six months is the recommended schedule for maintenance and more frequently if you are living in coastal areas and areas under high industrial pollution.


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Written by Eric Reyes

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