Top 6 Spring Home Improvements You Should Be Doing

When it comes to home improvements that you need to make during spring, it’s only logical to assume that these are the works whose efficiency is closely tied to the weather conditions. In other words, these are mostly outdoor projects. Now, before we get any further, it’s vital that we mention that these improvements don’t just boost the resale value of the place, they can actively improve the lifestyle quality on the property. With that in mind and without further ado, here are tops six spring home improvements that you need to consider.

Backyard sitting area

Spring is the perfect part of the year for you to do some outdoor work. We’re talking about improving your backyard patio. You can invest in a wooden deck for the patio, which is a great and versatile addition. Then, you need to consider getting all the right furniture. Provided that you have a shed, a basement or enough attic space, you can go with wicker or wooden furniture. On the other hand, if you have nowhere to hide this furniture during the colder part of the year, you need to consider more weather-resistant materials like aluminum.

Make a garden path

A garden path can drastically improve the efficiency of your backyard, seeing as how it can keep it clean (mud-free in vital areas) and much easier to traverse during the moister part of the year. The problem, however, lies in the fact that this is something that you should think about during the spring. The main determiner of which material you’ll go for should be your budget. For instance, concrete and gravel are your most frugal options. Asphalt is also fairly inexpensive but it may ruin the vibe of the overall landscaping. The most expensive options are stone and brick pavers, however, no one can deny the aesthetics.

Air conditioning system maintenance

Once summer arrives, you’ll be in a dire need of an efficient air conditioning system. This is why you need to do this ahead of time and not wait for the season renowned by its blazing heat. For starters, you should replace the filter and check if the outdoor unit has any debris clogging it. Then, after cleaning both units, you need to ensure that once the landscaping around the place starts blooming, the debris won’t cause the problems again. The way for you to do so is to prune the trees and shrubbery that are close or adjacent.

Start doing some paintwork

Regardless if you want to paint the interior or the exterior of your home, you want to postpone this for the warmer part of the year, so that the place can air and the paint can dry properly. Keep in mind that different states have different ideal part of the year for the painting project (due to their climate), which is also something to keep in mind. You should look for a week with particularly low humidity and the temperature that’s, at least, above 40 degrees Fahrenheit. Other than this, you should also contact your locally renowned painters. So, for instance, if your property is located in NSW, you should look for a reputable painters Sydney agency and ask for advice.

Clean the gutters

In order to clean the gutters, you need to invest some time and effort into ensuring that your roof and your drainage system are up to speed. Speaking of which, you should probably start by cleaning the gutters. Check the system for any debris or pest nests and try to remove them as efficiently as possible. Make sure to wear protective equipment at all times, seeing as how some of the materials in question may cause a nasty rash or even a mild poisoning. There’s a lot of potentially toxic material there and you do not want it to get in touch with your skin.

Focus on the details

The very last thing worth remembering is the fact that the devil is in the detail. Therefore, you might want to work on the exterior of your home some more. For starters, you can repaint your front door or add a door wreath (this is not an exclusively Christmas decoration). Other than this, you should consider adding a custom number or pick a brand new mailbox. The thing about these improvements is the fact that they’re incredibly inexpensive but they add a whole new dimension to your home’s outdoors.

In conclusion

The last thing worth mentioning is the fact that while not all of these tasks are exclusive to spring, picking this particular season to start with the works can help you out in more ways than one. Not only does it help properly prepare your home for the remainder of the week but it also allows you to perform the works during the most climatically moderate part of the yea. Working in winter or in summer is troublesome on its own.


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