Tips to Organize Your Fridge

Everyone these days has a fridge because it’s nothing less than a necessity. However, hardly anyone organizes their fridge.

Have you noticed a bad smell right after opening the fridge? If yes, then it’s because of the ‘unhygienic’ conditions inside your fridge. It’s the smell of fusty foods and stale vegetables or fruits that don’t receive enough attention.

So, what you have to do is, organize your fridge in a way that everything is visible and easily reachable for you. Instead of spending minutes searching for ingredients, you can find them right after opening the fridge. Here are some tips to organize your fridge.

Insert Baskets 

Hanging small baskets on the upper shelves of the fridge won’t do any damage. Instead, it can help you create more storage space inside the fridge. These are not huge baskets, allowing you to store small items that can get lost inside big compartments of the under-counter.

For instance, you can store fruit in one basket and vegetables in the other. Moreover, these baskets utilize empty space in your fridge in the best possible way. If you think there’s not enough storage, then don’t delay in grabbing these baskets.

Get a Separate Box for Snacks 

It’s impossible to have a fridge and not store snacks. Honestly, you’re not living your life if you’re not into chocolates and snacks. Coming to the point, don’t keep your chocolates with eggs and butter because this is not where they belong.

Get a separate box specifically for snacks and you can also label it as ‘snack bar’. This box can contain nothing but your chocolate bars, juices, cheese sticks, etc. Moreover, if you’re health-conscious, you can fill this box with oats, whole grain pasta, canned beans, and everything else you include in your snacks.

Sometimes, your fridge may not be big enough for your favorite beverages, so in a situation like this, you can opt for an under-counter wine fridge to store your favorite wine bottles. This is a great way to separate your items according to your liking.

Place Similar Items Together

Placing pizza dough with apples won’t only make your job harder but it would make your fridge look like a complete mess. Hence, it’s imperative that you put the same items together, making it easy to locate stuff inside the fridge.

It’s not that difficult, you just need to place all the fruits with fruits, vegetables with vegetables, raw food with raw food. Simple, isn’t it? Once everything is where it belongs, it may eliminate the need to search across various things.

Divide with the Drawers

The drawers inside the fridge are big enough to store a lot of stuff. Organizing these drawers is very important as it creates space for essential items. You might have a specific drawer allocated to your fruits but placing all kinds of fruits mixed together is not something we would suggest.

Instead, you can place sliders inside your drawers which would align all kinds of fruits, making rows for each one of them.

Grab Transparent Containers 

Colorful containers are eye-catching and look really cute but not when you have to place them inside your fridge. It would make your job a lot tougher. You’ll have to open every container to check what’s inside, taking ages to find anything.

Well, transparent containers work directly, you can see everything clearly without the need to open each container. If you’re running short of something, you can clearly see when there’s a need to go for groceries.

Label Every Section

Finding things inside a fridge is more like digging into a box full of treasures. Labeling every section can help you find things easily, increasing the pace of your work.

Labels would also prevent kids from putting their hands into sauces jar or food boxes because they can find their snacks easily. Organizing things this way makes your whole fridge look presentable and maintains a smooth flow of work at the same time.

Create a Separate Box for Ready to Eat Food 

The ‘rule of thumb’ is to keep cooked food away from raw food. Believe it or not, raw food has a particular smell and cooked food can be at a threat of catching that smell if kept side by side.

So, what you can do is, create a separate box for ready to eat foods. You can place all your leftovers inside this box, away from everything else. However, placing it separately doesn’t mean you forget about it. After every two, three, you need to open the box and take out the foods which have expired or are no longer edible.

The Final Word 

No one likes to open a messy and unorganized fridge – it’s better to see things where they belong. If you’re confused about organizing your fridge, then follow some of the tips mentioned above.


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