Tips To Buy Tiles In India

With so many options out there, it can be a challenge to choose the right tiles in the market. There are many tile brands that promise you quality in less price but it is hard to tell which one will do justice to its claims. This is why you need to be very careful when choosing the tiles to ensure that you are getting the right value for your money. With so many brands and types of tiles, it is only natural that an uninitiated person may get incredibly confused.

However, luckily for you, we have a few expert tips to help you Buy Tiles Online in India that will not only be top quality but also budget friendly. So read on to find more.

Understand the basics

The first step in choosing the right kind of tile is to understand what each of them mean. Vitrified tiles are an ideal choice for many households as they can withstand heavy footfall. If you are looking for wall tiles, then you can either choose porcelain or ceramic as they do not absorb stains or water. If you want to install tiles outdoors, then you should look for anti-skid tiles to avoid any slips.

Know the dimensions

Tiles these days are available in all shapes and sizes. Be sure to measure the floor before choosing the tiles suitable to its dimensions. According to experts, you room may look smaller if you install broad tiles. For such a room, it is better to opt for the ones that require minimum amount if wastage and cutting.

Pick the right finish

It is now possible to create all kinds of patterns these days, thanks to digital printing. However, the pattern and design should not be the only factor to take into consideration while choosing tiles for your home. It is also important to take note of finish as well. Tiles with glossy finish look great on walls while stone tiles are the best for outdoors. In bedrooms, you can use wood finish tiles for your bedrooms. Mosaics are really popular in bathrooms when combined with plain tiles. Stick to plain designs and natural finishes for your living room.

Go easy on the color

It is often advised to use light colored tiles to make the room look warmer and intimate. For exteriors, you can experiment with dark colors. When you use light colored tiles in your house, it makes it look more spacious. At the same time, dark colors are low maintenance and can sustain regular wear and tear for a long period of time.

Always buy extra

Sometimes tiles break or damage during installation. This is why experts advise to buy at least 5-10% extra to make up for the loss of tiles in the process. If you have unused tiles, you can give them back to the seller for a full refund. However, be sure to check that it is an option before buying the tiles.

Use the right grout

Grout can make or break the look of your tiles. Therefore, it is important to grout them right. You should use the one that matches the color of your tiles and make them as less visible as possible.

Don’t be afraid to experiment

It can be quite boring to have an entire room laid out in a single style. You can create exciting focal points by using mix and match technique. You can experiment with bright colored borders or lay out complimentary colors alongside to create a pattern. Mix and match works best with mosaic and and metallic tiles. If you are not sure how to do this right, then don’t hesitate to hire a professional who is décor expert.

Water absorption

This is a very important factor that one needs to consider when buying tiles. It is also an important consideration to get the idea about tile’s strength. Tiles that absorb less water are able sustain longer.

Tiles are not just a décor item but an investment. They should be easy to maintain and offer you a hygienic as well as aesthetic living space. Make sure you are choosing with care.

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