Tip For Robot Lawn Mower Security

Robot lawnmowers are costly machines that are parked in your garden; if not always, then most of the times. Some of the users might think that autonomous lawn maintenance machines are standalone and it could be the primary reason why thieves can easily target them. However, reality differs. 

Multiple safety features in robotic mower prevent unauthorized access, theft and can even recover the machine if stolen. Let’s discuss all of them today.

Pin Code

All the robot mowers come with a pin code feature, which ensures authorized usage. You need to set a four-digit code while setting up the machine for the first time. You can change the pin code from its control panel whenever required.

Robot lawnmowers give you the option to set pin code request every time it’s started manually. Even if someone opens its access panel, the pin code will be required for further actions. In case the user enters wrong pin codes repeatedly, then the robot mower will lock itself. In case the machine was stolen, the thieve will not be able to use it.

The pin code requests can be changed as per your convenience. For instance, some of the mowers have settings, wherein they ask for pin code after running for days or maybe weeks. Once the set period exceeds, the mower will ask for the pin code when stopped manually or if someone tries to access its control panel.


Next feature is standard on all the robot mowers. If you lift such a machine from the ground without stopping it, then the alarm sound will let everyone around someone is inside your private property. Even if someone picks an autonomous mower without entering the pin code or while it’s charging, the alarm will activate.

The alarm can go off even if you press the emergency stop button manually. You simply have to enter the right pin code to stop the alarm sound. Generally, the mower waits for your input and the period varies between 10 to 20 seconds.

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Robot mowers with an inbuilt GPS can share their live location on your smartphone. If someone takes it out of the defined perimeter, you will be notified via the app. Such immediate information about your machine can stop the theft.

Base pairing

Some of the robot lawnmowers can pair with their respective charging stations. Means, the machine will be useless if someone takes it away from your house. You might think that this feature is useless because the mower is gone anyways. But, you will be happy to know that this news spread very fast among thieves. So, they will be already aware that your mower is not a soft target.


In case an autonomous mower is stolen, you can contact its manufacturers and they will blacklist the product. Generally, they will add the product in their internal database. If someone brings it to break the pin code or for any other repair, the service centre employees will refuse to do any such things. Moreover, they can also inform the local authorities to get your machine back.

Other factors to consider.

Even after the above-mentioned security features, you need to be more concerned because garden thefts are increasing. Make it difficult for a thief to even think about entering your property.

Secure the perimeter: Keep all the gates locked, especially at night or when you are not around. A locked gate is not difficult to tackle for a thief, but the increased time will not attract him or her to break into your garden.

Security lights: These torches are sensitive to movement. None of the thieves would try to mess with your mower if these lights are online.

CCTV: Cost-effective and easy to install solution that keeps your garden secure. You can monitor all the video feeds from your computer or smartphone.


Robot lawnmowers are expensive and it’s one of the reasons why manufacturers have integrated multiple security features in these machines. What is the evidence of their success? Well, you might not see a stolen robot mower every day. The cases are rare.

 Keep in mind that the security features vary depending upon the make and model. So, check the available safety integrations before you invest on such lawn maintenance tools.


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