Step By Step Guide To Complete Bathroom Renovation

Bathroom renovation is one of the most important and time-consuming endeavors. To get the bathroom that you always dreamt of involves a lot of carefully speculated planning and deciding on the right kind of fixtures, accessories, and amenities.

Hiring a bathroom installation service can make your renovation task easier and you will get the bathroom that you always wanted. If you have a certain level of expertise then you can do it yourself as well. Here is a step by step guide for an entire bathroom renovation.

Prepare for the renovation

Before diving right into the action, you need to prepare for the renovation first. Make a list of tools and materials that you will need for the renovation projection and keep them ready. Next, take all the safety measures that are necessary for the work. If you are not confident in doing the job alone, you can ask for assistance from remodeling companies for bathrooms in Columbus if you are around the area. It is always better to be safe when doing handiwork. Also, get a dumpster because renovation works generate a lot of waste.

Install the shower panel

The very first installation that you need to do in the bathroom is the shower frame and panel. You can hire shower installation services to help you out with this. Shower installation services are available all throughout the United States. Simply make a search for the services in whichever area you live in. Say if you live in Denver, Colorado, look up Denver shower installation and you will find a suitable service to do the job for you.

First of all, frame out the space of your shower and once that’s done insulate the walls. Styrofoam is great for insulation. Then staple vapor barriers followed by hanging a concrete board. The next step is to install the shower drain before finally getting in the shower pan.

Tile the floor

Tiling comes next. As the concrete under the shower pan dries, utilize this time to tile the floor of your bathroom.

You can cover the floor with screw concrete boards to prepare it for tiling. Now you install the tile of your choice for the floor and let them dry. Tile saws are generally available for rent in hardware stores. You can make use of them for cutting your tiles.

Paint the walls

Once the tiling of the floor is done, start painting the walls. Paint all the four walls of your bathroom and the ceiling as well.

Tile the shower area

A thin-set is a great choice for hanging the tiles in the walls in the shower space. It sets quickly, which means your tiling takes less time. Let the tiles dry for 24 hours before you do the grouting work. After 24 hours, you can start with the grouting followed by the application of grout sealant 24 hours later.

Install the lighting fixtures

Once your bathroom is tiled and painted and dry, start with fixing the lights. If you are doing electrical work for the very first time, it is recommended to hire an electrician.

Install vanity cabinet if you need one

Get a decent vanity cabinet that suits your bathroom looks and style. Set the cabinet in place by screwing the back of the wooden panel into the wall with the help of studs. You can also attach decorative knobs in the cabinet if you want.

Next, come the sinks and faucets

To install a sink on top of the vanity cabinet, first, apply a layer of caulk adhesive on the top of the cabinet and then fix your sink on it. Do not forget to wear gloves while carrying out this process.

Also, take a picture of the PVC pipe before you remove it so that you can fix it back properly. If you do not have much plumbing experience, hire a plumber to help you out with this.

Install the toilet

The fit wax ring where your toilet bowl will seat then place the bowl over the anchor bolts on the floor and adjust until they fit snugly. Now insert all the bolts to fix the toilet in place. You are now ready to use the toilet.

Install accessories

After all the major installations are done, it is time to add accessories to your bathroom. Feel free to be creative with your accessories to decorate the bathroom as per your style and preference.


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